Monk from Kingdom Death's Echoes of Death 3. Hope you like it.

Objective: have some fun and do some NMM practice

I was going for a blue skin tone similar to the movie corpse bride, but The first draft didn't work out and I had to strip everything and start over. I eventually settled with the current purple tone instead.

Did a lot of glazing for the skin highlights but they end up looking a bit chalky and not very smooth. Might have something to do with the paint I used as I found the dried paint very separated on the palette. Need to keep working on that.

Didn't assemble the arms when I started painting and it was too late to fix the seam lines. Next time I'll pay attention to where the seam is and assemble everything first if needed.

Also added some freehand veins on the leg to break up the skin tone, and tried some shear effect on the clothing.