Dark Paladin from Kingdom Death Echoes of Death 3. I hope you like my take on it.

The base is a 3d printed one from Last Sword Miniature painted up following the wet blending steps taught in the ambient base tutorial series by Craftworld Studio.

It look quite a long time to wrap up this mini as COVID lockdowns and work from home ends :(

Instead of using glazing on everything like last time, I went back to layering and used glazing as a way of transition/smoothing. I feel that the end result is less chalky compared to last time. Another objective is to continue working on my gold NMM. I quite like this recipe I got but I still need to work on my blending and light placement.

I worked on the scythe last and wanted to do something that looks like an enchanted magic weapon. I feel like the end result lacks the magical glow and looks more like a regular jade blade instead. Will have to learn more about it.