1:6 Bust from Stormtroopers Miniatures . Sculpt by Carl Reid, painted with acrylics.

Hello friends! Here my take on the passage of Great Saint Bernard pass by the French army in May 1800.

The pass remains a legendary episode of the Napoleonic epic with the most famous representation of Napoleon Bonaparte crossing the Grand-Saint-Bernard. The First Consul appears as a hero "calm on his fiery horse", a true embodiment of military conquest, although reality was far more prosaic.

This is my humble attempt to tell that story from the eyes of one of the many infantry soldiers that took part in that historical moment using this terrific bust of the French Revolutionary sculpted by Carl Reid. A “normal” human being, looking at the mountain mirrored in his eyes, taking part to that legendary moment in a mix of fear, hope, doubt, and trust.

.. and yes.. the mountain mirrored in his eyes is meant to be the actual Great Saint Bernard :)

Hope you'll enjoy!
Cheers and Happy Easter!