Hi everyone! At last I can show you the longest project I ever worked on. As some of you already know, some months ago I decided to change the way to approach my job as a miniature painter. This project is very special for me because it has been the first project I painted for miniature art academy, starting a new stage along with Alfonso Giraldes, I'm sure this project will be great for a lot of years. This scene is also based on my favorite Paul Bonner's ilustration, it captures exactly the kind of fantasy I love. The color and ambience are magical. Without a doubt, it made me feel sensations that I hadn't felt for a lot of time after finishing a project. I'm really happy with the final result because I think it reflects all the hours and all the love I put painting it. I want to thank my dear friend Javier for giving me the chance to paint it and filling me with motivation with your constant support. I'm sure this piece will be as special for him as it is for me. Thank you very much to my love Garbiñe for helping me and motivating me everyday, I love you. I will share more photos during these days. Be happy and stay safe.