Lion-O, Lord of the Thundercats
Thundercats, hooooo!

This has been my most enjoyable labor of love to date. Firstly, ALL credit, praise and adoration to Javier Urena for the sculpt. As a fan boy, his trust to print and send me his personal work on such an iconic character means everything...I cannot put it into words. If you’re not familiar or following his’re missing out.

Second, it’s fuckin’ Lion-O...who needs more than the opening words or tune to finish the whole theme song? Anyway, I aimed to stay true to the cartoon but also take advantage of some of Javier’s realistically sculpted details to create something vibrant, regal and predatory. Hopefully that comes through and makes you feel something nostalgic from our Saturday mornings as kids. I don't play around with cast shadows very much but this sculpt made it an easy decision with the sword raised calling in the 'cats. Lots of learning but well worth the effort.

As always, big thanks to Francesco, Ruben, Andy, Ivan and Krzysztof for their feedback and mentorship as I develop as an artist...and of course, my compadre's Chris, Will, Rhett and SS 2020 crew...and the BIGGEST contributor, arbitrator, judge, jury, wife! for your support and having to listen to my artistic frustrations.

Hope you all enjoy! Comments and critiques are always appreciated...anything to grow.