Hey guys, wanted to share my latest project. The original bust is sculpted by @eastman3d and is a joy on its own. Unfortunately, Ragnarök visited it curtesy of my youngest dog. He was broken in several pieces and most of his head was chewed up. My wife convinced me to salvage him just before his viking funeral.

This is my first attempt at sculpting a substantial element and I tried to design a helmet that paid homage to Thors classic helmet and had nods to Odin, Borr and Loki’s own brand of headgear. I had a lot of fun with it and hopefully it seems organic for a future version of King Thor. Inspiration for overall theme came from the various incarnations of future Thor Marvel has done over the last decade…succeeding Odin as monarch of Asgard in some form or other. In all the stories, Thor goes through some apotheosis adapting to his role as king of Asgard, with all the responsibilities that come with it on the cosmic stage. I wanted to try and depict that balance and transition of All-father and warrior champion. One side reminiscent of Odins omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent etc and the other Thor’s vitality, strength, noble aggression, etc.

Also, big thanks to Francesco Farabi and Krzysztof Kobalczyk for ya'lls mentorship, advise and encouragement on this project. Thanks to my brothers Chris Suhre and Alessandro Natale for listening to me cry about the life (and death) of this thing. Feel free to drop and comments and critiques…anything to improve and grow.