hi everyone , it took me some time ,but i got the job done . I finally got it finished. It was a very fun project and also a very nice figure as usual by pegaso , the casting was flawless and i like that . When i have to start a project by cleaning moldlines 1mm thick and 5gr of miliputt ,the fun is over for me . Anyway the title of my project is "Odo de St.Amand , Montgisard 1177" .Odo was the 8th grand master of the Knights templar ,he was from Limoges in France and joined the second crusade . In 1171 he became grandmaster and gained great victory's for the templars where Montgisard was the biggest victory of all .At the battle of Majayoun in 1179 he was captured , and later died in captivity. This is my best project i think and i'm pretty proud of it i must say ,the helmet and schield are scratchbuild , and altough the figure is completely finished the name plate is still on the way. I hope you like it.
  • D@nny _

    Much better pics.then before,
    glad to see and to wait with my vote…))

  • Archontis Kitsios

    Very very beautiful!

  • mehdi 'infinito1885' askeur

    thank you both for your interest in my skill ,i do have to apologize on the other hand for posting an unfinished figure, i didn’t read the faq’s completely about WIP’s so if there are people who would honor me with a vote ..please some patiance . my project wil be completely finished soon .i will change the pic’s then also.

  • eric wolfsPLUS

    Very well painting, That’s a really good job, and i don’t understand why there are no more votes for this piece.
    Gold for me

    • mehdi 'infinito1885' askeur

      Thank you very much… but I noticed a lot of friends votes count here… the scratch my back , scratch your back kinda situation…

  • scott a shalterPLUS

    Nicely done, underrated, gold

    • mehdi 'infinito1885' askeur

      Thank you very much sir… I dare say.. it’s defenatly with more than what it is getting.. but as stated in the previous message.. and how things even go on miniature contests… friendly politics decide you reward/ medal… sad but true… oh wel.. I’ve been at this hobby for 35 years plus and still enjoy as the very first day I started… and that’s what it’s about.. I know what my work is worth.. and if only some people sincerely see the same.. that makes me happy…