As promised, I wanted to paint Katsumi with full body tattoo work, Yakuza style. The back story for this paint job is she has found that two of her lovers have wandering eyes and are seeking the company of other women. As a reminder to her other lovers that she is enough for all of them, she has donned her Monster Hunter mask, and is preparing her sword to remove the heads of the offenders. Her body bears the Dragon of vengeance, and the tattoos on her hands say it as well. This was lots of fun to paint, and I learned a lot about painting tattoos. To get the aged look of tattoos that have been on a body for a while I thinned the paint with flow improver and water as well as used black India ink. After painting the tattoos I used a very transparent version of her mid-tone skintone and airbrushed over all of them, going heavier in areas that may fade quicker; then darkened and lightened in a similar manner with black and white. My personal tattoo artist friend has asked me repeatedly to try my hand at tattooing in her shop, this is my way of wrapping my mind around that. I am not sure I want my canvas' to move or get mad at me for causing them pain LOL. Katsumi was created by Ben Douglas of Ritual Casting ( and was 3D printed by me. I hope you like her!
  • Melnikov Ivan "Nakatan"


  • Luis Sánchez T

    Wow, tatoo work is awesome! Congrats

    • Greg Kimsey

      Thank you! She was fun to paint.

  • vincenzo gambinoPLUS

    nice paint ... gold :)

    • Greg Kimsey

      Sorry I missed this Vincenzo. Thank you!!

  • John Delamere

    Love the paint and tattoos. Love Ben’s sculpts. I have almost all of them.

    • Greg Kimsey

      He is my favorite sculptor! I want them all as well :)