I present you the second diorama base that I have build for EMVICreative. This time I have build a Graveyard diorama. I tried to keep everything in a turquoise color nuance and play a lot with wheatering, rust and different TMs. I used several buildings from a Games Workshop and tried to find interesting and balanced positions for all of them. Beside that it was my first real attempt of adding several fir trees to my dioramas. So this is the result.

I prepared a detailed Tutorial Series for it which will be posted on my Patreon in the next year. It's currently paused, but you can still find a couple of old Tutorial series there:


Here is the link to the EMVICreative homepage. You can find some very interesting Goblins and they soon launch their next kickstarter:


Thanks a lot for votes or any feedback ;)

Best regards Oli