Hello, friends! Today I want to share photos of my new project, this is my next and not the last collaboration with the wonderful 3D sculptor Igor Gurochkin. I was inspired to create this composition by the drawing of the wonderful artist Peter Mohrbacher all his creations are impeccable and give an irresistible desire to embody them in the form of a miniature. The figure depicts Kokabiel, a fallen star angel... I planned to create this figure a long time ago, as soon as I saw this image, but I was able to implement this idea only now:) This is my first experience of drawing a background for miniatures recently it has become a very popular direction in our hobby, so I decided to try it. I want to note that the work does not 100% copy the original image, it is rather created based on the motives, although it is quite close to the original creation. I really hope you will like it! The size of the figure is 120mm, created in a single copy, no circulation is planned, the 3D model is not for sale. Many thanks Kirill Koloskov for the excellent 3D printing. Enjoy your viewing, I highly recommend visiting the project's website http://www.angelarium.net
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"The silent field of swaying grass waved at the ocean above
The giants march past us by the thousand
By the thousand thousand and many more

Infinite upon infinite
They don't look back
We stare on... "