The Last Light


The work on this diorama took my summer 2013 away.
Three months of work, over 450 hours, 127 figures and a story about hope
being told here. In the end I was happy to win Gold in Games Day Diorama category and the
german Slayer Sword.

You can find a complete step by step article here:

And a 360° video - enjoy in Full HD:

I hope you like it!
Keep on happy painting!
  • Sergey We7 Chasnyk

    Epic ! Love it ! Doesnt Sotheby`s interested in that piece already? ))

  • Peter Rauchbach

    Gold! What else?!


    Very nice Roman!!!

  • Dirk R.

    That´s “WOW” !

    It looks really great, Roman !

  • Dirk "Barakwolf" Seidel

    simply GREAT!!!

  • Federico Sorgi - Hellpaint

    awesome Roman, I saw it in Monte s Savino and it is stunning me

  • Peter 'Avicenna' Bell

    The amount of detail and atmosphere in this piece is absolutely stunning! I would love to see it in real life at some point :D

  • Uli Wilke

    As I already told you: you’re nuts!!!!
    That is an epic one

  • Karsten -Elaphus- Poepping

    I thing you must be very crazy to build and paint this diorama.

    I hope you are more crazy in the future

    I love it !!!

  • Melanie

    This is what we call art. Congrats to the well deserved sword :)

  • Raffaele PiccaPLUS

    Nothing but gold…. such a intense work my friend!

  • Elric

    Just A M A Z I N G. Such pieces lift the minature spaces into spheres of art. Looking forward to see it in real life, my friend.

  • Roman LappatPLUS

    Many thanks to all of you!

    I really appreciate your comments as while working on that piece I really felt lonely sometimes. This changes now ...

    I am really happy to finish this project now with some decent photos. Believe me it was not easy to take good photos of this mess ...

    Thanks for your patience, votes and comments!

    Keep on happy painting!

  • Daniel

    With this you have visualized the horror and “swarmish-ness” (lol) of an Tyranid attack in the most perfect way that is possible. I think you work with that project will become a thing that is to be remembered!

    Fantastic work we can actually see your heart-blood in there ;)

    Love it!

  • bendy spoon

    About as Epic as it gets. Amazing work and dedication.

  • Archontis Kitsios

    Brutal! Unbelievable! Gold!

  • Peter "Baphomet" TothPLUS

    :) love it! always a pleasure to see it in your cabinet!

  • A.Demidov

    My friend, you’re crazy))) Shine!

  • Roman LappatPLUS

    Many thanks for all your comments! I am really happy that this monster is out of my head now ... let’s hunt for the next one :D

  • Lisa "Morgaine" Proell

    You are crazy! But I love it :)

  • DimitriSoultanias

    It was fascinating seing it close at the scale model challenge.

  • Pepa SaavedraPLUS

    wow!! what a lot of people!! XD….I think my english level is too bad to explain correctly….But if it serves to you, I like it ;-)
    A kiss!!

  • Pepa SaavedraPLUS

    Wow!! What a lot of people!! I think my english level is too bad to explain correctly, But if it serves to you, I like it ;-)

  • mehdi 'infinito1885' askeur

    this is one of the crazyest , no ! the crazyest project i’ve seen , and its absolutely stunning !

  • mehdi 'infinito1885' askeur

    This is by far the crazyest project i have ever seen, i could’nt find the courage to do this myself , gold for me ,congrats.

  • mehdi 'infinito1885' askeur

    This is by far the crazyest project i have ever seen, i could’nt find the courage to do this myself , gold for me ,congrats.

  • Thomas Wasch

    Amazing. Warhammer 40K at it’s best. I love the idea and also whatyou did with building and painting.

  • mehdi 'infinito1885' askeur

    This is by far the crazyest project i’ve ever seen , my god .. I could’nt find the courage . This is a true piece of art . I’m very impressed ,adding the fact that an artist of your calibre honours me with a vote for my work , means a whole lot to me .  Awesome !

  • Sergey Miniatures PainterPLUS

    Brutal German style! Such work is shocking!!

  • Ian Paul Siongco AKA kuneho

    One of the best diorama I’ve seen. I would really like to see this personally. If there’s a score higher than Gold, I would gladly give it to this work.

  • Ingvar_L3x

    Epically Amazing Diorama!
    Unbelievable Project!