designed and painted for scale75- Scale World fantasy

step by step in my facebook. link provided

some time ago i was in charge of the fantasy range for scale75. I always wanted to paint something like that. a chaos warrior made to my tastes but giving the people the possibility to have several options to build and paint it in millions of different ways. So from this perspective I sketched the my ideas in my notebook and I asked master Raul Garcia Latorre if he wanted to do it.. with Adrian Prado (illustrator) and the own Raul, we spent a long time doing and improving the design until the final design.. Both, Raul and Adri are two of my best friends in this world, so the collaboration couldn't end in a better way. i think that this is one of the nicest miniatures i had the pleasure to paint. the paintjob was done pretty quickly as is one of the easier surfaces and most inspiring miniatures i have painted. And the demostration was fortunately all the dozens of versions i have seen in contest and websites all around the miniature world.. which made me feel very glad and made the miniature be very succesful for the company.

some of those versions very well painted by very good artist like the secondary version for the artbox painted by Diego Esteban, or lovely versions by people like Marc masclans, Alex Varela, Max Richiero and many others
  • Max RichieroPLUS

    one of the best painting job i’ve seen in my life! :)

  • Archontis Kitsios

    I think it’s the best version of this figure! Congratulations!

  • Daniele Petrucci .:: Zajon ::.


  • Sergio Duran

    Una de las obras de fantasía imprescindibles sin duda de los últimos años y seguramente venideros.