I wanted a simple, cold, and architectural cold color scheme inspired by looks of the drones in the movie "Oblivion." So I painted Commander Shadowsun's armor with Camo Gray. Details are painted Charcoal Black, Dark Gray, and Steel, keeping bright colors to a bare minimum.

Considering that she's the Tau Empire's supreme commander, I painted the Tau symbols on her chest piece and shoulder shields Brass, washed with Reikland Fleshshade, then burnished with Bright Gold.

I've always been a fan of worn, weathered looks, so I gave the model a watercolor filter of burnt umber to simulate armor patina. Sponge technique is used for the chips. Finally, I added streaks using oil paint.

Overall, this model is fun to build. I'm excited to use her on the battlefield after news that there will be a new Tau codex. C&C welcome.

You can check out my work at my humble personal FB page "The Simple Hobbyista"