A companion piece to Sleeping With Dragon. This was the first in the series I did and went with a patina on the armor to enhance the Sea Dragon theme.
  • Melnikov Ivan "Nakatan"PLUS

    that patina! 0_0

    • Jim JacksonPLUS

      I’m glad you like it! Thank you!!

  • Norman Mrx

    Awesome work, nice color-choice…love the patina, the texture on the weapon shaft and blade.. and the porcelain-feeling from the blue dragon parts^^. Minor setback for would be the eyes…feels like they are not looking in the same direction… and maybe a little “light-dot” would give them a more alive feeling.

    • Norman Mrx

      Ah i forgot… can you tell me from where you got the kit? thanks ^^

    • Jim JacksonPLUS

      Hi Norman, Thanks for the thoughtful and constructive comments. Greatly appreciated.

    • Jim JacksonPLUS

      The kit was sculpted by a Chinese sculptor, Luo Peng. To purchase his and other Chinese artists work, I follow a couple “middlemen” on Facebook - LEPStudio (they also have a store on Booth) and Rui Ma. They have contacts with a lot of the smaller Chinese studios and help facilitate purchase outside of China. That said, this was a very limited pre-order piece a few years back and to the best of my knowledge, out of print / unavailable. If I see a collector selling one, I’ll be sure to send you a note.

  • FrankyPLUS


  • Entrevon

    Excellent travail : gold !

  • vincenzo gambino

    nice paint ... gold

    • Jim JacksonPLUS

      Thank you! I really appreciate the support!!