This project is another one of my SF&FM; articles: it was seen in Volume 17 of "Sci-Fi & Fantasy Modeller".

I’m truly hoping that someone, somewhere, is going to actually try the tools and the techniques I talked about in that article? So I’m pushing the idea of people checking that article out, pretty hard. Just click on the “work in progress” or “step by step” link, to see that whole article. I got permission from the publisher to share the article with my fellow hobbyists. As you can see from the scanned pages on that other site: I gladly gave “credit where due” to the pioneering people who came before me.

I’m not the first person who used electrically heated tools, to do wizardly things to kit parts that were made out of thermo-plastics … and I hope I won’t be the last to try it! This article was not the last time I wrote about that useful technique. I did another major kit-bashing / scratch-building article with SF&FM;, a few years later. It expanded on the ideas of what could be done. See my “Hoppertunity” article, which (as I see it) was always sort of “Part Two” of my “Welding and Re-Sculpting Plastic With Heat” series.

Part One:

Part Two:

There’s a teeny bit more in my Steampunk “Hornethopter” article, as well. (A 54mm sized or 1/35 scale figure being re-posed.)