This project was another one of my articles with "Sci-Fi & Fantasy Modeller" -- a publication headquartered in the UK, but that had contributors from widely scattered spots on the globe.The article that talked about how I built this semi-fictional naval vessel (100%-from-scratch) appeared in the first volume of their "Steampunk Modeller" series. I say "semi-fictional" because the design was loosely based on one of the American Civil War's first "Ironclad Rams". I added a turret in back, and some other fanciful features, such as the painted-on facial features ... but believe it or not, this thing's core shape and idea was firmly rooted in little-known-but-actual naval history.

EDIT: As of 2021-11-21 the complete original article has been scanned in (with the publisher's permission) and was stored in the "albums" section of a Facebook Group, for sci-fi and fantasy scratch-builders and kit-bashers. See the WIP or Step-By-Step link, on this page, to see the whole article as it was published a decade or so ago, in SF&FM;'s first "Steampunk Modeller" volume. There are also scans of three covers for another publication, where, a few years after this article came out, I re-visited the subject, but with much more of a historical theme, in Seaways' Ships In Scale magazine.
  • Martin CollierPLUS

    love the work thats gone in too this

    • Ward Shrake

      Thanks much! I haven’t yet scanned in the article for this one, that I had done for the first “Steampunk Modeller” issue (by “Sci-Fi & Fantasy Modeller”) but it should be up next ...

  • vincenzo gambinoPLUS

    nice .. :) gold :)