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This is another one of my article projects, as once published in an Issue of "Sci-Fi & Fantasy Modeller". This one was in one of the special issues, related to Gerry Anderson's various TV shows. (Issue 2 of 21st Century Modeller.)

The entire article was scanned in, by the author; and uploaded, for other hobbyists to have access to -- with the publisher's permission. (But note that I'm not trying to release the article to the public domain; just sharing it.)

See the WIP / SBS link, to go to where the article's individual pages scans are stored. I believe I even uploaded my hand-drawn "working drawings," based on the as-built replica. (I've never seen the original studio model, in person.)
  • Martin CollierPLUS

    love my vw

    • Ward Shrake

      Yeah, they’re pretty cool, aren’t they! Even the ones that don’t have big space-going engines!

      I used to know (slightly: we were both in the same early 1980s computer club) Bill Clarkson, whom VW drag racers may still fondly look up to, for his “Iguana” VW drag racing vehicle.There’s a cool interview with Bill, and some shots of his vehicle (which could give mine a serious run for its money, I’m sure!) over here ...


  • vincenzo gambinoPLUS

    nice .. :) gold :)