These are gaming vehicles made using “Trash-Bashing” techniques. Other than the ("Dust") figures, almost every raw material I used began as a disposable item, like deodorant containers. You can find out more here:

“Autumn 1947 - The war for the Russian homeland is going badly. Following the spirit-crushing fall of yet another beloved city to well-equipped German forces, Russian peasants begin deserting cities for the open countryside. Russian scientists rush a prototype of an ultra-secret beam weapon onto the battlefield - with devastating effect on the enemy. The presence of only one such weapon, however, mounted on but one hovercraft tank, does not please Stalin. Fearing another purge right when the tide of battle has finally begun to turn, elements of the Secret Police, the Propaganda Bureau and others secretly band together. Stalin is assassinated. Radio Russia calls the move Stalin's price for failure. A new story of hope goes out, far and wide - with scientists hailed as heroes, patriots and saviors. Several decentralized factories are set up for heavy tank production. Although technically secret, they are soon swamped with volunteers. One more beam-equipped heavy tank is created; and then another; and another. Radar-equipped German scout cars, some using limited anti-gravity technology, desperately seek these factories. Meanwhile, hero scientists begin perfecting man-sized beam weapons.”