Hey all,

today, another blast from the past - a mini I painted in 2020. And today it's time for some ancient Roman action - of course in 1/72 scale.

This mini comes from the Republican Roman Infantry set by Zvezda, which is probably my favorite set of 1/72 soft plastic minis. The scene portraits a princeps of the Republican Roman Legions throwing his heavy javelin, the pilum. I imagined this Roman legionary to be fighting in some engagement during the Second Punic War in a dry, hot environment, maybe at the Battle of Zama. I attempted to capture the heat and dusty atmosphere in the warmish colors - and, of course, the base. The inspiration for the shield art comes from an artist rendering of a later Roman legionary, so it likely is not really historical. But I liked it ;-)

I learned a lot while painting this mini - it was the second time I tried my hand at NMM...

Thanks for your interest! Talk to you soon. Best,