Dear Friends
Hope you are all safe and sound in these very turbulent times.
Here is a new figure by me, a scratch built 1/16 scale figure, which is abut 100mm. The figure depicts the young Victor Barré who at the age of 17 became the timpanist for the Imperial Dragoons of the Guard in Napoleons army, quite an honor indeed!
When sculpting this figure I wanted to show a very pleased, almost cocky character. His pose, body language and expression on his face was the main focus of this figure. When sculpting young persons, or children, one must take care not to overdo any wrinkles and hard lines as they will be out of place. Focus instead on clean and smooth lines. And this is a lot harder than doing seasoned and old veterans!
The sculpting was done using Magic Sculpt and painted with different acrylics.
Also note the painted face on this young man, I very carefully added some pimples to show his age. I really had a lot of fun doing this figure although sculpting all those details on drum banner nearly drove me crazy!
This figure will be released in January a resin kit.