This is my entry for the Butterfly for Hanna competition hosted by Peter Lundström (@witnessmyminis). As soon as I saw the announcement of this event, I knew I wanted to enter.

From the beginning I knew I wanted to present a female character, both dynamic and elegant. Although initially I was thinking of a forest themed base for the incorporation of the butterflies, the miniature itself reminded me of the Naiads (the nymphs of flowing water in Greek mythology). That’s why the water element dominates the scene and is boosted by shades of green and blue with contrasting colours in the details.

The figure is at 28mm and is made out of metal by Gripping Beast. Its quality is quite good, with crisp details.

The base is scratch built. The stones are sculpted out of standard Milliput putty, the grass and the flowers are made out of paint brush hairs and foam and the butterflies out of paper and superglue.

Everything is painted with Vallejo acrylics. The glossy water surface is created using AK’s Interactive Still Water.