3D printed and painted the alternative pose for the Mecha pilot Jane by Ronin Arts Workshop. It's a very beautiful sculpt by the creator of some original kingdom death models. This took WAY too long as I broke the hair, the ponytail and the fingers during the process. Note to self, never over-cure printed resin or it could get very brittle.

The main focus is the female skin, and I painted it using a recipe that I found which gives it a smooth velvet feel. The contrast was not as high as many other recipes I saw, but I like the way this one looks, especially in person.

I would love to try the airbrush method done by Angel Giraldez but I didn't have an airbrush at the time (now I do XD).

Painted the plug suit in black instead of blue to practice painting black in preparation for a future project. Hopefully it registers as black instead of gray. At the end, I added some effect simulating led on the boots and the back.