Here's my take on the Heilog, designed by prywinko and sculpted by Ronin Art Workshop. 3D printed on Elegoo Mars 3.

This is my first painting contest piece, and I had a lot of fun/pain :P working on it.

I spent the most amount of time fussing with the face, as I had a freaky varnish failure and trapped some dust on the leg (did not look good). Ended up redoing the whole body and ruined about 1 week of process. As a result, the whole body was kinda rushed but still turned out well IMO.

NMM was done by pretty much copying the highlight placement of Alan Castellanos (@bicefaloartstudio), who did the box art for this mini. NMM and base recipe from José David González's youtube videos.

What I learned:
1. Airbrush is super effective and save a lot of time when blending, but would take out a lot of texture if the paint dilution is too thick. My initial skin sketch had a lot of stippling based on Kujo painting's tutorial, but got covered up when I did the final blend with my airbrush.

2. Edge highlighting is key for NMM. I did not do this for a lot of my previous smaller scale minis (shaky hands). Tried it with this larger scale, super shiny!

3. Drybrushing can be fast, effective and fun for the family, with the right technique. Watched a bunch of videos on this and used it on the plants.

Note: size includes the base