DOGMA48 Feb 2022 project.

DOGMA48 is an event where you have 48 hours to make a show entry, from start to finish. This includes putting everything together, conversions, modelling, priming, basing, display, paint, and so-on and so-forth. Sleep, food, drink and everything unrelated is, of course, also included in the 48 hours.
  • Josh_Underhill

    Nice idea for conversion

    • WadePLUS

      Thank you :D

  • Jakob Villien

    I saw online a post about a young girl being really ill with corona. The family recently had a dog, and the puppy being only four months old instinctly would not leave the girl’s side. He would not even go eat, so they had to take the dogs place and said next to the girl when they had the relieve the dog of being a watchman. This brings me there. Unique bonds of friendship. Tells a powerful, yet sweet story, and to me it is sad, unsettling, beautiful and soothing at the same time. You did something brilliant pairing these. It is so simple, yet I am convinced only your brain could do it. The conversion is excellent done, and the painting dreamy, strange and beautiful. Gold and editor’s

    • WadePLUS

      Thank you Jakob! You thoughts and reactions are what I was going for, so that makes me really happy :D It is sad and unsettling, but we continue to preserve with our bonds - seen/unseen or metaphysical.

      Ya - the colours was a huge battle and I wasted 7-8hours painting the fish 6 different ways before I found the feeling and believable enough execution. I was channeling my inner Oracz ^^

  • davidg100

    What you did in 48h is just fantastic ! It is the time I need to start thinking about how I will paint a single miniature

    • WadePLUS

      Hehe thanks ^^
      It’s a pretty fun event and surprizing what can be done in a shorter amount of time when you put your head to it with a group of others doing the same.

  • Roman LappatPLUS

    I agree with everything Jakob said :)

  • Marius "Der Stone "Stein

    Beautiful! I love your colour choice!

  • Rhiana, "Cyradis"

    This on a time constraint is fantastic! I love that she has a pet fishy <3

    • WadePLUS

      Thank you!

  • Tobias_K_AasvangPLUS

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