Hi! It's been a while since i enjoyed that much with a piece, i really liked painting it and it left me with a good feeling. Which is priceless btw.
The part that i enjoyed the most was the shield, it is a great canvas to do something more like a traditional picture. It was an exercice to leave all that brushstroke without blending but i am really glad i did.
I hope you like it, it is the box art for Black crow miniatures, sculpted by Alex Muñoz.
  • Archigrog

    An incredible painting! No word can explain how beautiful she is…

    • Arnau LazaroPLUS

      That’s really kind thank you so much :)

  • Michał Orzechowski

    God, no doubt. Beautifully painted.

  • John Delamere

    Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!

  • Roman LappatPLUS

    Absolutely amazing paintjob of her! The NMM is breathtaking, the little details of environment is crazy good and her skin is just wow! The thing I love most is her facial expression! Gold and Editor from me!

    • Arnau LazaroPLUS

      Thank you so much Roman, it is an honor!

  • Eduardo Garcia Lope


  • Ivan Hortal A.PLUS

    Eres demasiado bueno.

  • Clive Jackson

    Outstanding! Gold!

  • Alejandro Prieto

    Ya lo hemos hablado, toda la pieza es tremenda, pero el trabajo de la cara sólo es capaz de hacerlo alguien como tú. Tu inquietante búsqueda por llegar más allá, tu humildad a la hora de aprender y tu capacidad de trabajo te hacer ser, a día de hoy, el mejor. Como compañero, socio y amigo, no puedo sentirme más afortunado de tener siempre cerca.

    • Arnau LazaroPLUS

      Que bonito T.T gracias de verdad, que la gente importante en mi vida valore así lo que hago es creo la culminación de lo que puedo esperar para mi autoestima. Gracias de verdad por apoyarme siempre <3

  • Rhiana, "Cyradis"

    I love the detail in the skin highlighting and blush, and the real-brightness of the hair!

  • Francois "Frado" Daugny

    Super painting, not over-doing strong lights and OSL effect, but just extremely nice and realistic tones, painting and reflection! perfect!! Gold!!

  • Magnus FagerbergPLUS


  • Marc MussatPLUS

    Splendid work !

  • Flo « FFF » Rochet

    Masterpiece!! Nothing less

  • Ville Nurmi

    WoW!! Beautiful and just stunning!!

  • Angel C Villalba "KaspareK"

    Como te he comentado en Instagram, es una auténtica obra de arte. Es un lienzo en 3D. Increible Arnau.

  • Milosh Meehan

    you should be proud, this is amazing painting, one of the best figures I’ve seen.

    • Arnau LazaroPLUS

      i am, it is one of the few that i am :) thank you!

  • Josh_Underhill

    The face and eyes are just beautiful. Spear shaft metal is sublime

  • Bran

    Wow just superb !! Congrats Arnau !!

  • Pierre Balmette

    Speechless, perfection pictured! Gold!

  • Frédéric BISSEUX (MINOS)

    Un des plus fabuleux NMM que j’ai pu voir !!! Magnifique ! Or bien sûr !

  • slaj ( Stephen Mallia )

    Beautiful work

  • Patrick Corhay

    Gorgeous work (that made me buy the kit, even though i think i’m in for some tough painting ahead ^^), that’s a Gold no-brainer!

  • Alex ✍

    Amazing work Arnau! Love this one!

  • kingbingo

    Nice painting. Reality end wonderfull…..Diamant for you!!! it is perfekt Color…..

  • Maiorov Stepan


  • Ste66


  • Malte Dueholm

    Absolutely astonishing. My favorite version of this bust for sure.

  • Eduardo Fernandez

    Que puedo decir….OROOOOO

  • Guillaume "Skas" Masselot

    Arnau you’re too good that’s just unfair at this point… Amazing, stunning, the words are missing ! Congratz

  • Illiam (Billy Dickinson)

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  • milesli1981