Roughly 1/8 scale handpainted, resin printed bust of Universal Studios most beloved undead, Count Dracula. The print is from a 3D model I bought from indymodel88 depicting the whole figure, but I wanted to do the bust only at this point. As the bust tries to show the likeness of Bela Lugosi, undoubtedly the most famous Dracula actor, I took my painting directions from still photos of the original 1931 Dracula movie and some of its sequels, where there is often some emphasis on Dracula's upper face half and eyes. Admittedly, the bust does only half a job imitating Lugosi's look, but you can at least recognize the actor and his main facial features.
My Dracula bust has blue eyes, because Bela Lugosi had blue eyes, and as far as one can see from the old black and white photographs, Universal Studios didn't use any contact lenses to give Dracula another eye color as the natural one his actor had.