The Wolf Man was a 1941 American horror film written by Curt Siodmak and directed by George Waggner. The film starred Lon Chaney Jr. in the title role and had a strong supporting cast in well-known actors Claude Rains, Ralph Bellamy and Bela Lugosi - just to name to most famous. The title character has had a great deal of influence on Hollywood's depictions of the legend of the werewolf, which up to the release of the movie was relatively unknown to the American audience but since then has become one of the most iconic horror legends.
The bust is 3-D-sculpted by an artist named Vinicardoso whose work can be found here: I pri.nted the model on my Anycubic Photon Mono and handpainted it with acrylic paints from the usual manufacturers, mostly AK Interactive 3rd Generation, in chiaroscuro style with a light source from below.
I did an exhausting research on the colors of the eyes, hair and shirt of the Wolf Man and found contradictory informations in abundance. The original clothes the actor wore are still to be found in Universals archives. They are grey and brown, colors chosen by the director of photography for being easier to shoot on the black-and-white film material. The fur wig was made from yak hair and seemed to have been of a reddish brown. In the end I opted for the original eye color of Lon Chaney jr., the yak-colored wig and for the shirt an olive-green tone which is found on most of the action figures of the Wolf Man.