This is the legend of Gutztrong, Gubgob, and Spiketeef’s flight to the Bad Moon. They were never seen again and so goes the legend told by all the goblins of Clan Moonshroom that the trio reached the Bad Moon and will return one day with kegs of Bad Moon fungus beer brewed in loonstone caves.

it was such a fun piece to paint - I wanted to capture our absolutely crazy and silly goblins and squigs are. It was a challenge to capture the the motion of the rocket and make it look like the trio was flying through the clouds and not launching from the ground.

I brought it to Golden Demon 2022 in Chicago and was a Commneded entry! Thanks to Alfonso and your mentorship through the Miniature Art Academy, my LXP family for a lot of great input esp Josh Berman, Rhett, Matt DiPietro, and Erik, and my beloved Chicagoland Paint Team buddies.

Hope you all like it!