Not Miserable, Now
This is an attempt to bring to life my original first vision of the model ‘call for help’ by the awesomely talented Thorbjørn Barone.

I love the model, for sure, but I admit I saw something else in her, than what Thorbjørn wanted. Thorbjørn created a model that quite literally reaches for help. For me, she was doing sort of the opposite, escaping on her own - escapism in its purest. Floating in nature, relaxed.

Now, I admit, many projects are newer finished and many never see the light of day. This came dangerously close, but I picked it out of the closet the other day as I rewatched Melancholia and the scene with Justine floating in water. This is where the model gets her name - in the movie a deeply depressed lady finds peace in the fact that the world will end. Not miserable is a song by Frightened Rabbit. I hope you see the reference.

Floating in the Forth river, just at peace, and for a brief moment losing the feeling of being deeply and utterly miserable. Beautiful.

The model by the way is made by cheating. Thorbjørn kindly made me a new print where the water level is dragged down. Meaning that all I got is a bit of waist/chest, head, arm/hand a small bit of thigh, and I could reposition any way I felt. Voila, she is floaty.

Normally I would think she is not good enough to post - but she belongs in my portfolio. Impossible to shoot though.

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