1/87 scale 32 Ford Roadster (and Roundhouse Shanty Yard Office)

This is a great little white metal car kit I picked up from Noble Knight Games (Official) Clearance Cave for $1 a few months back. Very easy to assemble, little flash, and no imperfections - not something I can say for most white metal figures I've ever painted!

I wanted this car to look like it's been on the road for decades and, while it's been kept up by the owner, is starting to show it's age. I primed using Krylon grey and then hairspray chipped the Tamiya Park Green finish to expose the primer. I then brush stippled Vallejo Oily Steel, Dark Rust, Medium Rust, and Light Rust in the exposed spots. The interior is painted using Vallejo Leather Brown with highlights of Vallejo Orange Brown, washed with GW Agrax Earthshade. The dust and dirt effect is done using Secret Weapon (sadly OOP) Caked Dirt applied over a dampened surface in successive thin layers. The lights and window shield were formed using Testors Canopy Maker.

The abandoned yard office is a Roundhouse plastic kit I found at a yard sale. I wanted it to look disused so weathered the wood surfaces using various mixes of Vallejo German Camo Beige and Wood and the steel surfaces were painted using Vallejo shades of rust. To achieve the brightly oxidized rust, I first applied Ammo enamel rust wash and, while still tacky, applied dry pigment. Once dry, I accentuated it with AK weathering pencils. The moss effect is a combination of Vallejo slimy grim