Hello, you amazing people,
I hope you are having a wonderful time and are preparing for the last month of the year! I want to present my latest small diorama with a miniature from @westfaliaminiatures sculpted by @boris_woloszyn . This mini was a part of a Patreon monthly campaign and it was so fun to paint.

When I saw the sculpture I was thinking what a poor child and how come, this monster has this in her possession... And then it hit me! Show the monster right when she took the baby from its house. A creepy scene and I hope that I managed to translate the feel with my painting at least a little bit. At first, I was thinking of doing an OSL, but I am still too scared of painting that so I just decided to try to mute everything down a little bit. I enjoyed painting this small miniature and it was full of #happypainting even though the subject is horrifying.

Westfalia's miniatures are full of character and story and I have a package on a way from their KS True Monsters and cannot wait for them to arrive!
Thanks for reading and I hope you are painting and having a good one!