"On the seventh day of Paint Queuemas...."

Today's entry is a Wall-E inspired Heavy Lift droid. I converted this from a Zvezda Disney Planes "Drip" loaded model. I used the chassis base, track assembly, and loader assembly and added a body, engine, and grabber claws made from plasticard and ledtover bits.

As I wanted this to look heavily weathered, I used a metallic primer and then applied a thin coat of Tamiya Black overall. Due to the gloss surface of the primer, hairspray isn't necessary for chipping and scratches (but the model requires sealing right after to avoid unwanted damage). I then painted the treads in Dark Grey, dry brushed with Vallejo Air Neutral Grey and paint the metallic accents in AK Astral Beryllium. The lenses are Tamiya Orange, Vallejo Park Green, and Vallejo Red.

Since I wanted this droid to look like it works in a dingy starport, I applied an overall oil filter of dark grey, let that thoroughly cure for a couple days, then did an oil pin wash in a sandy grey. The drive gears got a light wash of AK Enamel rust wash. When all that was cured, I went back in and dryblended the sandy grey oils along the bottom chassis and around the treads, building up opacity over several layers. Since oils can be easily reactivated if not fully cured, this is a long process but the results are nice if you want to replicate caked dust.

I mounted this on a 2" clear acrylic base for easier handling because I'm wary of breaking one of the arms picking it up that way.