Based on the artwork of Paul Bonner
Sculpted by Martin Lavat
Produced by Journeyman Miniatures

It's been a while since I painted a Bonner piece and I've been itchy to slap some pain onto these beauties! So much character, such wonderful personalities, I'm almost sad they are finished!

I hope you like them as much as I do.


  • Sam Reed

    Fantastic, gold!

  • Steph.DPLUS

    Génial, un grand OR ......
    Si tu veux voir mes figurines, mon indien et ma Mercy ont besoin d’un vote pour pouvoir progresser l’ami, enfin si tu veux ......

  • Melnikov Ivan "Nakatan"

    so cool

  • Jared Clifford "jc_painting101"PLUS

    awesome! love the little details

  • Josh Munta


  • Martin Lavat

    I’m so glad to see my sculptures so well painted!!! Thank you so much Tim, it’s Amasing! Can’t wait to see the whole court painted!!!

  • Eamon Connerty


  • Ladislav "Gwinn" Indra

    These are amazing! Oozing with character, you captured the mood of Paul’s art perfectly.

  • Johan_Pirlouit

    Back in the old days Rackham Miniatures did a smaller version of those guys. Great paint job!

  • FranNarváez


  • ohtekPLUS

    I know. U gold!^^

  • Sergey PopovichenkoPLUS