Kimera Models boxart for their Elysium range of figures. Loved the concept, anything sci-fi and greek has me hooked so win on top of the honor of doing the official boxart.
I went through a couple of iterations of colors and settled on a more traditional mediterranean type blue with whites and golds we tend to associate with their pantheon of gods. A lot of the Elysium line is very dark and moody. I wanted to brighten it up but also fit within that aesthetic so I used a harsher light setup, pushing the contrast and temperature on the figure. I really enjoyed painting the darker sides starry reflections in all the deeper shadows. I chose the OSL effect to complement the overall scheme but also as a small homage to Hermes role as the deliver of souls to the underworld. If you look at the helmet visor in a vacuum it can be imagined hell and heavens light on each side. Small detail I can smile on when I think about it.

After completing the box art, I wanted to explore more on backdrops to enhance the figure in as many ways as possible. The goal was to propose movement and the vastness of space to play off his godly role and rank. The slope of the backdrop, its angular orientation, the asteroid field, lens flare and cosmic elements hopefully achieve this. There are definitely some compositional lessons learned but it was more rewarding experience for taking the chances.
He was awarded Silver in Master Open at Monte San Savino and a Best of Show at Las Vegas Open.