Its with great pride that I announce the first launch of this year... A different figure... A pirate from ancient world, who operated in the Mediterranean Sean... The nightmare of Roman ships and other civilizations. The figure will be in 2 scales... 75mm and 120mm... And there will also be a 1/12 Bust Version. As always at RPmodels, all figures are Limited Editions...

The 75mm figure was painted by Sergey Popivchenko and the BASE ISNT INCLUDED... Its was a courtesy of the painter... The 120mm and the 1/12 Bust was painted by Konstantin Pinaev... In this figure we intend to recreate the connection between a pet and its pirate, where we can observe the pirate giving some peanuts to "his friend". On the other hand, we can see the Lemur, touching the pirate's head as a symbol of trust and friendship. The pirate presents itself as misture of weapons and equipment, as they used what they could get through exchanges and captures from other ships...

All comments and feedbacks are welcome as the only way to grow and be better is to listen others opinions and try to improve.

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