It is with great pride that we launch the Peninsular War Guerrillas. The development of the Guerrillas in the Peninsular War was an authentic challenge, where we tried to symbolize a national movement, where regardless of social status, children, men and women, are united around a common objective, the defeat and expulsion of Napoleon's troops.

The dioramas are made up of 4 parts, where people are free to buy what they like and prefer. The figures are 3D print, which are completely clean and ready to paint, using a new concept that we are trying to implement "(...) Open the Box and Start Paint."

The figures are in two scales, in 75mm and 120mm... 75mm was painted by the Konstantin Pineav and the 120mm was painted by Viktor Osipenko... The 75mm figures are a Limatada edition of 200 pieces and the 120mm is a LimitedEdition of 100 units.

1/12 Bust painted by Ernesto Reyes... The busts are a Limited Edition of 150 units...

I hope you liked it, and that you can have fun and enjoy painting them. I ask you to share your work. I would like to thank you in advance and all the criticisms, comments, tips, because these are what allow us to grow and be better day by day...

Please feel free to contact us and let us know your opinions and comments...
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Thank you.
With best regards
Hugo Pereira