My new tiny diorama. The scale is 1:35 so it's a little small, around 12 cm/ 4 inches wide (you can see a coin in the last pic for scale).

It seems that I'm now into narrative and figurative kind of models. The model is unbalanced with a lot of things going on the right like the trash, all the things the bike is carriying and the rat. On the other hand there is only the paint bucket on the left.

Also you can notice the wooden wall is more broken to the right whereas it's full and new on the left.

The bike is facing left towards a new beginning leaving all the trash and other things behind.

Finally you can spot a not so subtle graffiti "NO HOPE" with the "NO" fading under the white. However, the word "HOPE" remains.

As I said this is a very figurative work with a lot of symbolism (subtle or not), but this is a way I'm exploring right now in miniature art.

Hope you like it!