I've been thinking for a long time how most of us, miniature painters, often lack a solid base of fine arts knowledge.

We want our miniatures painted in a somewhat realistic way. Smooth transitions and god forbid you can see the brushstrokes. We take a box of 10, open it, build them and start to paint with only the boxart as a reference and maybe a couple of images found online.

In the past the painters or apprentice used to spend months of even years painting still life or landscapes and it was very rare that novice painters even tried to do a complex portrait on their first ever paint.

Luckily with the years a lot of different paths were covered: renaissance, impresionism, cubism, avant garde, expresionism and many many more.
I think that we nowadays lack that in our community with very few exceptions of people who want to try something different to what a "good painted miniature" means.

Slowly we are trying different ways of painting and that's cool. They are my main inspiration to this piece. I wanted to try something more close to expresionism, painting as I feel with "unrealistic" colors but letting the brush go, a lot of empasto to achieve a raw look instead of a perfect smooth surface.

It is a "well" painted mini? I don't know but that's a topic for a whole essay
Did I have fun painting it? Absolutely, and that, no more, no less, is what this hobby is about after all.

  • OrigalumPLUS

    Uncommon approach but I like how it turned out! So my vote is gold!

  • Steph.DPLUS

    Gold ...

  • Christoph KPLUS

    Awesome painting!

    And I truly appreciate your comments. I think we loose a lot of creativity and innovation because there is just one standard= perfect blending” for many people.
    I sometimes try this and it’s the most fun to me.

    • David_cualquiera

      Thank you!!. Yes but there are painters now trying to experiment, this is a “recent” kind of art (you can argue that miniature painting has been around for hundred of years but it not the same as it is now) and we have a lot of room to experiment and even more ways of painting.


  • Rhiana, "Cyradis"

    It certainly is an interesting one! Nice work experimenting.

  • Jerry Allen

    Well done! Love it! Gold!

  • Andy Ford

    I absolutely love this!

    I feel that realism is way overvalued in the miniature painting hobby to the point that we rarely see any other style except for maybe cel shading here or there. There’s nothing wrong with any of that but I’m thrilled to see other styles on miniatures. Great work!

    • David_cualquiera

      Thanks a lot! Yes I feel the same way so i felt that I need to try something a little different step by step we’re starting to see other styles and I think is very nice ^^