My first ever painted bust! This is Black Heart Models "Innsmouth Gillman" I purchased at Adepticon way back in like 2016-17.

The sculpt itself is based on HP Lovecraft's classic cosmic horror story 'The Shadow Over Innsmouth' about an isolated New England fishing village whose residents end up liking fish a little TOO much.

I will be honest and say that, when I bought it, I didn't really think my painting skills were really good enough to make it look nice, so this paintjob is probably the 3rd its received in the past 6 years. Mostly this is painted in acrylics, though there is a little oil blending here and there, especially on the 'skin' to get some more subtle variation between greens and whites.

The denim overalls and cap are done by basecoating in dark grey, drybrushing white to capture the sculpt's cloth texture, and then successively layering blue and payne's grey acrylic inks and washes to give it some nice depth. A lot of people will probably remark that it's too clean for a fish mutant but my headcanon says he only threw it on to look "definitely human, totally not an evil cursed monster" in the nighttime. He doesn't really wear much when frolicking out at Devil Reef.