"Terrorists, your game is through/Cause now you have to answer to/America!"

Needed a mental break from the 'serious' modeling I've been working on this year, so I threw together this Meng Toon Sherman. Partway through building, I heard a Team America clip on a video and thought "ya, that tracks", so I give you the 'Murica Sherman! This is built pretty much out of the box but I added cast texturing to the turret and hull, as well as a new larger antenna. The obnoxiously large flag I printed double-sided, glued a piece of tinfoil inside, and then sandwiched it together. The tin foil helps it bend more naturally and hold its shape.

The tank itself is painted mostly in Tamiya paints, with some AK and Vallejo for the details. All the stars are decals that came with the kit, and I handpainted the slogan and USA on it by hand. The flag and tank were shaded using heavily thinned black paint through an airbrush.

Since the theme of the 2024 IPMS Nats is "Red, White and Blue" - YES, I WILL be entering this!
  • Tommy Gunn

    A fun little piece.

  • Roman LappatPLUS

    I agree. A fun little piece! Love the bruised metal surface of the tank and the “succesful hunt markers” in white are lovely! Keep on happy painting!

  • Eamon Connerty

    Haha! Now I have that song stuck in my head. Cool piece!

    • EmpireOfGhosts

      I had it in my head the entire time I was building it lol