Finished a project in time for SMC and Monte which I'll be attending for the first time! It was Maya and Volghar from Beyond Miniatures.

When I saw this model I knew it was going to be a challenge, particularly after seeing the box art done so well. I had my daughters pick a colour each to incorporate into the bust and they chose pink and green! So the challenge was set.

I wanted to make it a little bit different, so I added some flowers in the shape of a wreath to add to the story composition. It could be a racing dragon that won a race, a hero dragon that won the day or whatever the imagination could come up with.

It was great to paint and different to anything I have done for display painting, particularly with two busts in the one piece.

Would like to thank Natalia Oracz for guidance and providing feedback over the past couple of months whilst painting this piece.

Also thanks to Dave Colwell for also providing insightful feedback as well.

Looking forward to bringing this piece to the comps!