Completed Veiled Lamp's newest miniature, the Tea Vendor prior to making the journey over to Europe to enter SMC (and Monte in November). Showed this off at SMC over the weekend and everybody enjoyed looking at this piece with nice feedback (thanks guys!!). Absolutely loved painting this sculpt by Seb and wanted to add something to it to make it pop. Decided to incorporate the tea cups and lots of flowing tea, as it fits the character!!

Went for a brassy type of tea kettle and really tried to push myself with painting her face and also adding colour nuance to the piece.

Would like to thank Veiled Lamp for trusting me to paint a copy up for SMC (and Monte) to show off.

Also like to thank Tim Marsh for all the invaluable feedback painting this bust and again providing insights into making the last 5% count. Really appreciate the continued guidance.

Thanks to Andrew Buckley and the rest of the Stonebeard family and SDPG crew for helping me push through painting this as best as I could!

I would highly recommend getting a copy if you can from Veiled Lamp. It is a joy to paint.

I will be bringing this to Monte in November if you didn't get a chance to have a look at SMC.