“Lads lay down yer weapons. Thar’s been enough bloodshed 'n ye be beat. Ye don’t needs die fer some other scallywag’s gold 'n rum. I am Cap’t Gurrak o' the Blindman’s ship 'n we be… the Bad Guys. Now thar’s no needs fer alarm. Do as yer told an no one else needs lose a hand.

Let me introduce me crew. Ye 'ave BA. Now do as he says. He’s got quite the temper 'n an itchy trigger finger. He’s sent many o' vessels down t' Davy Jones. T' me right be the striking Alanna the blade mistress. Even deadlier than she be pretty. Behind me be Gurg. He’s one o' those merfolk. Can’t understand a damn word he’s says but he’s an excellent swimmer. Then thar’s elder Tumaruk. He may be ole but he can still blow the feathers o' a seagull at 100 yards wit' that rifle. 'n finally thar’s Sharki. He’s always on the gangway fer fresh bait fer his traps.

Now hope t' it lads, put the gold 'n rum on me ship 'n be quick about it. Least we send yer vessel t' Davy Jones.”

This is my latest diorama. We’re here fer the gold… ‘n rum. It’s been quite the long project, something I actually started as I finished the book. I wanted to do a larger group scene but this time with the “villains” instead of the heroes like with the Dungeon Explorers.

The figures are from Big Child Creatives and Akelarre miniatures. The scene is scratch built and most of the figures have some conversion or another. Big thanks to Sensei Alfonso for all his guidance. I hope you enjoy the piece.