Not today. Please not today. Ugh had purchased the run down establishment with a handful of gold and some odds and ends a few weeks ago. It was his dream to bring his mother’s homemade dishes to the folks living here in Schitty Creek Run. Today was an important day. The critic from the local paper was here to sample his fine cuisine. Ugh would make his mother’s famous chicken and biscuits. But Matilda, the hen, was not cooperative. He had brought her to the kitchen but when he reached for the clever she went crazy. Knocking over pots and pans while she flew about the kitchen. Where had Matilda disappeared to? And what would Ugh serve?

The Greasy Spoon is my take on a Troll’s version of fine dining. This is an idea that’s floated around in my head for awhile. I want to thank Alfonso for the foundations he has taught me and especially thank Ben for all of his guidance in the construction and painting of this project.

Anyway I hope you enjoy all the stories in the piece with the hidden chicken, the eggs, and the “extra “ seasoning dripping into the goat head stew.