New line designed and under my art direction. sculpt by @victor_aguilardb.Process in
"After a few taunts and epithets, the flames of tension had been fanned beyond mere bravado, to point of steels singing as they extricated their sheathes.
Silence spilled over the outrage as the brash mob of cutthroats, that mere moments before had threatened to slit out throats, fell speechless. A cold, clear aisle appeared, cutting the crowd in two. Each and every soul on that ship bowed their heads in reverence, or fear, as their Captain manifested on deck.
His hair was knife-cut, yet with precision, his visage donned the arrogance that only death allows you after it has been cheated. His sharp features, drawn by the cuts of a thousand duels and marked by wounds of some odd battle neither here nor there. An equally secure and dangerous aura defined the predator’s persona spotting his prey. His way of grasping the steel was graceful and sleek, almost lighthearted, as if he knew he could disembowel us with a simple gesture. The rapier rested on his shoulder, poised for action as the rings on his fingers rapped the metal of the pommel in an almost musical cadence.
Before us, the fastest rapier and the legendary duellist. The infamous name that every mother uses to terrify their children into obedience:"Iñigo"
Him: charisma and determination. We, doubtfear and astonishment, as if his presence had given us the first cut.