At the 2022 Monte San Savino Show a special price was awarded for the piece of art with the best painted back side => Best of back.
I loved the idea and made a tribute pice :-)
  • Jesus Perez "MrRipper"

    Good work, curious, original and vindictive. The miniatures are also painted on the back!!. Gold From Me !!

  • Steph.DPLUS

    Or ;)

  • Fabrizio SchiragaPLUS


  • Ihmotep

    I won the best of back last year, I find your idea quite original. And yes the back of the figurine is important ! ;)

    • Christoph KPLUS

      Thank you, I’m glad you like it

  • Ivan Hortal A.PLUS

    Really fresh. I love it.

    • Christoph KPLUS

      Great praise from you, thank you

  • Patricia Sancho

    curious and fresh tribute.

  • Péter Schaller

    Wonderful idea!

    Everyone deserves a Best of. Even a back :D

  • Martin Vermeulen (Nighthawk)

    Haha, fabulous tribute! Didn’t know it was yours, love it!