Miyuki was sculpted by Sebastian Archer and released through his Veiled Lamp store in 2022. I got one immediately and started it just after Monte that year, but for various reasons it was left incomplete until a couple of weeks before SMC when I realised I hadn't painted anything at all in 2023.

The original idea was always to use gold leaf on the horns and other headdress decorations, contrasting with a pale desaturated skin tone. I had planned to have dark hair but that ended up changing when the highlighting spread too far and became a general colour change.

Overall I'm happy with the result. At some points I thought the gold leaf might totally overwhelm the piece and destroy any chance of focus but in the end it seems to work rather well.

I'd also like to thank Albert Moretó Font for suggesting I tone down some of the creases on the face. Really does make her look far more youthful.
  • schiragaPLUS


  • Roman LappatPLUS

    I personally like her a lot! Love the creative approach and the combination of wonderful technical brush skill and totally different materials! A gold from my side, my friend!

    • Conrad Mynett

      Thanks Roman, I’ve had a few ideas about using other materails and crafts with miniature painting.  Might even get around to them one day.