Battle Chick 70 mm, NECROSPACE serie
Battle Chick 70 mm, NECROSPACE serie
Battle Chick 70 mm, NECROSPACE serie
Battle Chick 70 mm, NECROSPACE serie
Hi, this is the first figure I designed and painted for Nocturna´s Necrospace serie. Hope you like her!
  • Dr34m

    Brilliant skin tones and fabrics.

  • Alfonso Giraldes_BansheePLUS

    eres un pintor de artbox fantastico. me encanta. un gusto tremendo

    • JesusMartin

      Gracias! He tenido referentes muy buenos ;)

  • Ernest

    Perfectica y bella

    • JesusMartin

      Me alegro mucho de que te guste, amigo Er :)

  • Peter 'Avicenna' Bell

    I think they are some of the greatest skin t ones I’ve seen on a miniature… The close-up of her legs looks almost like a photo of a real pair of legs…!

    Did you mix the flesh tones yourself or have you based them on existing skin coloured paints?

    • JesusMartin

      Hi, Peter!

      I made my own colours, but I used some simple ones in the mix, as old Tanned flesh of citadel, vallejo Cork brown, elf flesh… I don´t remember the exact colours, but it was not too complicated. The important thing is where you place the lights, and the dirt effects and stains.


    • Peter 'Avicenna' Bell

      Thank you for the pointers :)

  • PierreYves"LordB"Geneste

    I’m in love with a mini!!!!

    • JesusMartin

      Thank you, Pierre, I also love her XD

  • Krzysztof "REDAV" Kobalczyk

    My favorite mini from Noctrna. I can’t wait to paint it :D

  • Milosh Meehan

    Brilliant paint my friend!

  • Matthieu Roueche - "Blabla"PLUS


  • Tatjana "Dawn" Jäger

    I love this Mini, she is so beautiful. I’ve never seen such perfekt skintones befor. First I thought, that she is not really painted but colered by a computer program, for she is so perfect. Awesome and absolut fantastic.

    • JesusMartin

      Thank you, Tatjana! It´s not difficult to get a skin tone like this, I will publish an article at Nocturna models FB and blog to see the process.



  • Cristina Piras "Violet"

    I love your work.  So real!

  • Enrico Collenzini

    Great work. Gold!