This is my entry for the Forged Hope contest from Massive Voodoo.

There are different thoughts behind the project:

1. Immediately when I read about the contest I had this idea in my mind. I was always very inspired by the great pictures of Lewis Hine. And this well-known picture out of his “men at work” series attracted me directly to the possible variety of the H&V robots.

2. I wanted to create a scene to attract adults and children in the same way. Therefore I bought a distance frame with glass to be able to hang it on the wall. And my work should have the right mixture of past realism and future fantasy.

3. Therefore I have assembled each character of the group in the same position as shown on the picture from Lewis Hine including their lunch boxes, drinks, papers and cigarettes. Additionally, I have tried to find the right shape for the bodies, heads and arms to be as close as possible to the original based on the H&V robot parts. Also the colours of the characters have been taken into consideration.

4. I love the idea of the contest because every entry is supposed to tell a story, and the story behind my entry you will find soon on Massive Voodoo!

For me it was a real pleasure to see my idea growing step by step … beside the finishing stress for the contest :)

I hope you like it as much as I do, my wife and my kids!