Upon Martian Soil - Mechanicum explorators
The Red Planet yields a wealth of archeotech for those with the wit enough to search.

With this composition I wanted to depict a low level Mechanicum Magos searching the red sands of Mars for Archeotech treasures accompanied by a gun servitor and a strange walking hand.

I used a Cairn Wraith, a Forgeworld Titan Techpriest and the hand from a Dark Eldar Talos. The base is cork tile and weathering powders.
  • John Margiotta "BloodASmedium"PLUS

    Pure inquest or .. forget what you know about them..everything you know is a lie..except the gold medal I’m giving you.we gotta get you some more votes from other members your work is too good to go unnoticed

    • Jonathan Hart

      Thanks John! I guess it takes time to build up a profile and get votes. I’m just thrilled to be here and that cool, talented people are looking at my miniatures. :)